Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal – 2021 Updated!

GMDSS Endorsement certificate is a DG Shipping requirement for GMDSS Operators to operate GMDSS equipment on board. This certificate allows the GMDSS certificate holder to work on foreign-going ships. GMDSS Endorsement certificate to be revalidated every five years.

This post explains in detail the latest procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal with step by step instructions.

Documents Required for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal

Keep scanned copies of the following documents ready before proceeding with the application process on the DG Shipping website.

  1. Your latest Passport size (35mm x 35mm) photograph. (Format: JPG)
  2. Scan copy of your Signature. (Format: JPG)
  3. Scan copy of your Old GMDSS endorsement. (Format: PDF)
  4. Scan copy of your GOC booklet (all pages) with latest renewal page as one file. (Format: PDF)
  5. Scan copy of Sea-Service letter from your company for last one year. If you have more than one letter, scan them as one file. (Format: PDF)
  6. Self attested scan copy of your CDC pages showing relevent sea time enteries as one file. (Format: PDF)
  7. Self attested scan copy of Medical fitness certificate from DG approved doctor. (Format: PDF)

Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal

Use Mozilla Firefox (Ver.40.0.x or higher) browser for the smooth functioning of the DG Shipping website. Always update your Seafarer profile on the DG Shipping website before proceeding with any application process.

The GMDSS Endorsement Renewal process can be divided into three parts:

  • Generate Online Application
  • Fee Payment & Application Download
  • Upload Application & Documents

Generate Online Application

STEP-1: Please login to your DG Shipping profile. Once logged in, click the link “DC Endorsement, GMDSS Radio Operator” on the home page.


STEP-2: Once the new page opens, click on the link “Application for GMDSS Radio Operator“.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 1

STEP-3: Now the GMDSS application form will open with 5 tabs. As you see in the below pic, the first tab is “Personal Details“. Fill in all the fields carefully. Once completed do double-check the entries and click the continue button at the bottom.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 2

STEP-4: The next tab is “Address“. Enter the correct address where you want your certificate to be delivered. Click the continue button to proceed to the next tab.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 3

STEP-5: The third tab is “Sea Service Details“. Here you have to fill your Sea time for the ships mentioned in your Sea Service letter. Minimum one year of sea service required in the last five years. Click the continue button to proceed to the next tab.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 4

STEP-6: This tab shows you the “Fees Details“. Here you cannot make payment. Only after the generation of the application number(i.e in the next step), the fee can be paid. Click the continue button to proceed to the final tab.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 5

STEP-7: The final tab is “Attach Documents“. It will show you the list of documents to be attached. Tick the “I agree” in the declaration part and click on the “Generate Application No.” button.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 6

STEP-8: Hurrah! You successfully generated an online application. Now you should see the screen with the success message “Your data has been successfully submitted”.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 7

Fee Payment & Application Download

  • As you see in the above pic, you can make payment now using the “Pay Now” link or using other section as explained below.
  • Go to Home page. Now click on the “DC Endorsement, GMDSS Radio Operator” and in the next page, click the link “Pay CoC & CoP Fees, Upload Documents and View Status”.
Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 8
  • Now you should see the Application Status page as shown in the below pic. Click “Pay Now” link to make payment (if you done it before) and click “View” link to download your application.
Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 9
  • Now sign the downloaded application and scan it as one pdf file.

Upload Application & Documents

Now you can upload your scanned application and other documents using the “upload” link on the same page.

Latest Procedure for GMDSS Endorsement Renewal - 2021 Updated! 10

Final Thoughts

Congrats! You have successfully applied for the GMDSS Endorsement Renewal. It can take up to 7 working days for approval. You can check the status of your application on the Application Status page.

Hope this post helps you in the renewal of your GMDSS Endorsement. In case of any doubt or suggestions, let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. If we have less than 1year seatime in last five years then what’s the procedure for applying renewal??? Anybody knows please reply???

  2. Hi, I was applying for GMDSS endorsement. I followed each steps and then proceed for payment. But I can see 2 applications are generated on same date with different application number and also getting payment options for both application. So I am confused to proceed with which one?
    Any suggestions in this regard is really appreciable.

  3. Sir
    If I have 11.5 month exp as a third officer and 7 month as a cadet after COC, so is it ok to apply.
    Am I eligible to apply.
    Can u please explain the seatime requirement for gmdss endorsement.

  4. Really appreciable attempt also please clarify if my GOC booklet is expiring in 13 months. Can I apply for GMDSS endorsement and if yes can I get 5 Years validity???

  5. I have applied for gmdss goc endorsement online after uploading documents my dg site showing
    Is my application submitted successfully or am I missing something.

    • Hi Praveen! Hope you might have renewed GMDSS Endorsement successfully by this time.

      For Community Reference:
      “Uploaded/Re-upload?/view” – You can use those options to view/re-upload your Docs/Image if it doesn’t comply with the requirement.

  6. Hi. Thanks for the information. Really appreciate your efforts on this.
    Can you please also clarify as to what will be the procedure if in case the candidate does not have minimum 1 year sea time in the last 5 years. How to apply GOC Endorsement in this case. Ia the 1 year sea time mandatory or is there any other way to get the endorsement.

      • Sorry guys for the late response. Hope you guys might have found the way by this time. It would be nice to share it with the community if you already renewed GMDSS Endorsement successfully. Thank you!

        As per my study,

        >> In absence of sea service, evidence of equivalent service ashore performing Radio Communication duties can also be accepted.

        >> Alternatively, If you do not have the required sea service or equivalent service ashore in the last five years then you need to complete the GMDSS course again or only be required to give the exam. But I am not sure about this though. Kindly confirm with MMD for your case.

        • I read one circular on dg shipping that if you have 3 months rank experience in preceding 6 months from the date of revalidation then you’re eligible for the endorsement.
          Is it still applicable?


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